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Pink cluster ring

This is a pink spinel cluster ring using princess cut and marquise cut diamonds all set in platinum and mixed with rose gold. The rose gold was lasered onto the platinum to prevent it from melting under the heat. This piece features a spinel which has been rose cut at the top of the stone for extra brillance. These are some of the aspects which are essential in making a beautiful ring. We design pieces which are truly timeless and will last for generations to come.

hand shot pink spin ring

This is a new design which has been remade using a clients mothers centre diamond. It was a round brillant cut diamond and we decided to have a circle of  white diamonds set tightly around it after this adding some pink stones and setting them in pink gold to make the second circle stand out.

2ct assher cut diamond

This is an assher cut diamond which was selected for a custom design. This is a fancy cut diamond which has step facets instead of a faceted bottom like a round brillant stone. When selected these types of diamonds need to be very clean as the inclusions will be noticeable to the naked eye. It is a rare stone and has been in jewellery designs since the 1800s. We handmake these types of designs and are available for appointments in Brisbane , Sydney and the Gold Coast.

four claw engagement ring

This is our classic design. It is a solid setting with a curved tapering band set with a round brilliant cut diamond handcrafted on the gold coast.

diamond halo ring

This is a floating halo diamond ring handcrafted gold coast jewellery made by qualified gold coast jewellers. Our designs are handcrafted by qualified jewellers. This is a platinum design with round brillant cut diamonds. The band has a hint of grains running up the edge to give it a Vintage style.